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Mr. Bevis BBQ


Mr. Bevis BBQ Rub

Mr. Bevis is a BBQ rub company I started with co-owner Jon Poteet. In 2017 we started kicking around the idea of launching a BBQ rub company. We spent a year perfecting the recipe, figuring out our brand, and getting everything in order. We launched in September 2018.

Mr. Bevis BBQ Co. Rub is a sweet rub with an ever so slight amount of heat on the back end that perfectly enhances the natural flavors of beef, chicken and pork (We have tried it on eggs, potatoes and more and it tastes pretty darn good there as well).

The world’s best meats are wrapped in butcher paper, why not package the world’s best rub in the same way?

Our five rubs are the only rubs you'll ever need. Spicy, sweet? Pork, chicken, beef? They ALL easily stand toe to toe with all of the KC classics you already know and love. We hope that one day we'll be accepted into the pantheon of legendary local rubs like Arthur Bryant's and Fiorella's. 

My Role: Art Direction, Logo, Packaging, Professional Taste Tester


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